Community Futures North Central Development (CFNCD) is a community economic development corporation that serves the north central region of Manitoba.  At present there is a staff of 8 that work in the CFNCD office, located at 3 Station Road, Thompson, MB  R8N 1P1.  CFNCD receives direction from a volunteer board of directors. For each community in the region, one board member is appointed by local government. There are currently 17 communities including First Nation (7), Northern Affairs (7), and Urban Industrial (3).   CFNCD Communities: Town of Churchill Cross Lake Community Council Cross Lake First Nation Fox Lake First Nation Gillam Ilford Community Council Nelson House Community Council Nelson House First Nation Norway House Community Council Norway House Cree Nation Pikwitonei Community Council Split Lake Cree Nation Thicket Portage Community Council City of Thompson Wabowden Community Council War Lake First Nation York Landing First Nation The structure of CFNCD consists of: the Board of Directors,   an Executive Committee (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer), Business Development Committee, Community Development Committee, and other advisory committees as required from time to time.    CFNCD plays an active role on a regional level by participating in various organizations such as: Thompson Regional Airport Authority, Community Futures Manitoba, Thompson Newcomer Settlement Services, Northern Manitoba Regional Roundtable, Tourism North Committee, and Vision Quest.

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