About Community Futures Manitoba

Community Futures Manitoba Inc. (CFM) is an association representing 16 Community Future organizations (CFs) established throughout rural and northern Manitoba. The Community Futures Manitoba Board of Directors is comprised of one representative from each of these organizations. Community Futures operates across rural and Northern Canada as a grassroots-driven program created to strengthen rural economies by enabling entrepreneurship and assisting in community economic development.

There are 16 Community Futures organizations (CFs) established throughout rural and northern Manitoba. The goal of each CF is to assist the communities in their region to develop their economic potential. To this end, CFs work with communities and their agencies and organizations to:

  • Develop long term community economic development strategies and plans
  • Coordinate resources to implement development plans
  • Promote the region and its economic opportunities. CFs further support the local economic development process by assisting area entrepreneurs with:
    • Preparing and assessing business plans
    • Providing business and market information
  • Providing business loans:
    • Standard Loan (up to $150,000)
    • Entrepreneurs with Disabilities (up to $150,000)

Annual Reports


2016-2017 Annual Report

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2015-2016 Annual Report 

2016-2017 Annual Report

Audited Financial Statements
Please contact Community Futures Manitoba at 204-943-2905 to have copies made available.